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Energy for the 21st Century
All businesses use Energy, even those that create it. Energy consumption falls into four categories: Heating, Lighting, Transport and IT. Most people understand the basics of how these facilities work, we both understand and know how to optimise each of these sectors to bring about both efficiency and bottom-line savings.

What we do

Dot4 offer the best in Computer Energy Consulting.  We know that each business operation is different, each set of job functions require different things from the business infrastructure.  That's why "Energy Audits" are an essential part of business practice, and can be used to gain competetive advantage. Our consultants understand Energy Auditing, with at least 15 years in the industry, since the early days of the Internet.  We offer our clients the benefit of our considerable collective expertise in all things related to energy auditing.

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Energy Monitoring

Monitoring your energy usage is usually far more involved than looking at a few utility bills. Practical solutions really only come from working on-site with your business to develop an Energy Monitoring Plan, which involves setting out simple steps in making all staff more energy-conscious.

In our experience, staff get more involved in the Plan and can contribute a great deal to the overall savings that can be gained. Simply noticing that certain practices waste energy and suggesting ways to improve efficiency can have a positive effect on staff morale as well as bringing savings to the bottom line.

No-nonsense Consultancy

Our clients range from major multi-national agencies, through Government departments to niche food processing companies.  What all of our customers have in common is a desire for good value, impartial advice and high-calibre consultancy to provide no-nonsense advice on all aspects of Energy efficiency.

Accurate Energy Monitoring

Energy consumption Monitoring depends on having accurate data on all aspects on energy consumption. In the Transport arena, this is not purely the number of litres of fuel used but also the mileage covered. EagleEyes that will sit within and quietly monitor your network status, providing trend, graph, uptime and alert information for your network regardless of equipment vendor. Alerts are based on the important connections in your network topology. Accessed via a web browser, all the information about your network is available instantly, 24x7 for you, with email altering also available. 

Our user interface is customisable to suit your specific needs.

Smart Energy

In many cases, a long-term gain can only be realised with investment. In some cases simple changes of equipment can pay for themselves in a matter of months. Our Smart Energy Service is a tailored report which shows companies how they can save money from the bottom line and also help to save Energy, becoming a greener operator, which is always a good Coporate Value to publicise.

Smart Energy shows each client exactly how to utilise the latest technologies to optimise energy usage, through the use of functions such as Virtual Servers, Virtual Desktops, and utilising occupancy sensors to extinguish lights in low-traffic areas.

The use of LED lighting has become a lot smarter in the past few years, and long-life LED lamps can now rival the fluorescent tubes for providing the right amount of light over specific workstations and work surfaces. Smart Energy details exactly where these can be used and also shows the savings in energy consumption that can be obtained, all offset by the capital cost and installation costs.

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Project LifeCycle

In any project there is a refinement process that drives continuous improvement.  Dot4 understands this requirement and can offer any or all of the five phases of the project.

bullet Plan
bullet Design
bullet Deploy
bullet Migrate
bullet Optimise and Maintain

At Dot4, we understand that this project lifecycle is ongoing in almost every energy optimisation project, and work with their clients as a partner organisation to develop the best overall use of budget.





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